Be Calm And Bake On

Be Calm And Bake On

May 6th 2020

With many of us spending more time at home than ever before, baking is taking center stage. Just scroll through social media and see all the interesting things people are making in their kitchens these days - all the way from cakes made to look like toilet paper rolls to life-sized turtle bread bowls. Besides providing us with tasty and delicious things to eat, what some of us may not know is that baking can also be an effective form of stress relief. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Baking takes our minds off our problems and allows us to focus on being creative. As one person describes it, it takes your mind out of “freak out mode” and puts it into “how can I do this” mode when trying out a new recipe or ingredient.
  • Baking can be a shared activity with a common purpose. We can create something together, like a life-sized turtle broad bowl, and build bonds in the process. A bonus is that baking foods with others creates happy memories which can last a lifetime and be utilized in future times of need.
  • Baking often brings back happy memories of the past which can give a sense of perspective and can ease the presence of sad thoughts.
  • Baking makes you feel good because it allows you to create something of value for someone else. It is also easier to feel joy and happiness when you are making others feel good.
  • Baking can also be a way to express our emotions in the things we make for other people, letting them know that we are thinking about them and that we care.

So when things start to get overwhelming and stressful, pull out your pans and spatulas and bake on. If there was ever a time to make the next version of a toilet roll cake, now is it. And being gluten-free shouldn’t stand in your way! At Bosquet Gourmet, we carry a wide array of gluten-free baking mixes to help you get started and to keep you going. Let Bosquet Gourmet and your imagination be your guides.


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